About Me

I offer to create value in your business through the information system and digital, and new technologies, combined with a panel of expertise: change management, expertise in complex information system, organization and set up governance, passionate for innovation and certified in digital marketing, all in France and abroad. Without forgetting a good entrepreneurial spirit and boundless enthusiasm.

I'm looking for new opportunities so why not make progress together!

Feel free to contact me either by email: pecognard@gmail.com or call +33686933264


CIO Group and CDO

Since December 2015
  • 5 industrial sites, several showrooms around the world (Dubai, London, Rio de Janeiro, Shanghai, ...), more than 650 users, CA> 300 Million € uros, 5 datacenters and a team of 30 people, Global Budget over 3 millions €uros.
  • With a global vision of the Information System for the entire group, I ensure that the practices are identical in the five factories of the group (France, US, Malaysia, China) in partnership with the industrial management and through The animation of a team in France and 2 manager on the distant sites (Malaysia and China)
  • In conjunction with Marketing, I am converging technologies to facilitate the deployment of our digital PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) tools to DAM (Digital Assets Management), CRM and our E-commerce site, our ERP en Through the tools of Emailing, publishing on social networks.
  • In support of the growth of the group, I transform the information system of a beautiful family business into the information system of an international company. Setting the IS on the BI-Modal concept and get the split of the legacy system and the valuable application.


Valeurs et SI
February 2014 to June 2015
  • Valeurs et SI is a company in Strategy, Information Systems and digital transformation for mid-cap companies. I support businesses in Information System projects to align my clients companies’ strategy through consulting assignments
  • - Technology consulting in mobile communication for an industrial company. The project is named “all digital”
    - Application development strategy for mobile devices (tablets and smartphones)
    - Merge IT and IS departments for a merger health industry companies as well as starting IT portofolio management
    - ERP Project Roll-out: Project Director for industrial coating company
    - ERP Implementation for insurance and industrial companies
  • further more information here: www.valeursetsi.fr

CIO / PMO Worlwide

BOCCARD Entreprises
July 2011 to December 2013
  • Make the Information System a better tool for the end-users within a global strategy throughout the company. Bring in a new technology focus including and virtualization, achieve a high level of service in the 52 business unit (30 countries)
  • - Define IS master plan and governance for the worldwide company
    - Management of IT teams and collaboration with the different business areas of the company
    - Redesign and implementation of the ERP in different business areas such as Purchasing Process, Time Management, Temporary work management, Accounting
    - Set-up a Road-Map of the ERP development
    - Help users to choose a BI tool
    - Creating a newsletter for a better communication between the IS department and top management
    - Contracting with a datacenter for a hosting strategy worldwide
    - Define a mobile policy

Project Director

Partesys (devient SYXPERIANE)
September 2009 to July 2011
  • As a project manager, I make sure that implementation of ERP for main clients are successful, such as:
  • - PagesJaunes: Manager of the IS Finance team department. Managing project team (10 members), set up planning and workload, bring in methodology and leadership
    - DS Smith Kaysersberg: Spin-off of 2 companies, split off activities such as supply, finance, stocks, sales, and maintenance
    - VFD: Implementation of supply process

Business Intelligence Manager

January 2007 to May 2009
  • Define the IS master plan for BI Department at Guerbet Group, more than 15% of the overall IT budget allocate to the BI. The 2 major project of the IT where in my scope. Manage the Data Management team and implement the sales forecast tool (20 subsidiaries, 60 distributors) :
  • - Define the BI Master plan for Guerbet Group
    - Team management and follow up of BI projects such as budget, communication and coordination of resources
    - Leader of implementation of budget planning tool
    - Run a design workshop
    - Implementation and deployment of forecast sales tools in order to improve the supply chain, change management, and end-user training
    - Redesign BI tool for Sales Force
    - Build a data quality policy with the Data Management team and coordination of the « Data Management Committee »
    - Communication and training of data manager and end-users

IT Consultant

Sopra (devient SOPRASTERIA)
September 2005 to January 2007
  • During this experience as a consultant, I worked mainly for three companies : TOTAL (petroleum industry), LFB (pharmaceutical industry), IDEX (Energies and industrial heating) for whom I brought an expertise on the implementation of ERP modules and Business intelligence solutions to bear.

    TOTAL :implementation of fixed asset tool, purchasing and accounting for domestic fuel division (fuel, coal, wood)

    Main Tasks and Responsibilities :
    • Deployment and improvement of the processes of production, shaped by product solutions
    • Participation in the implementation ‘Fixed asset’ and ‘Purchase’ modules in the Qualiac ERP
    • Assistant as subject matter expert for the implementation of the cost accounting in the Qualiac ERP

    LFB : During the second part of the integration of the Qualiac ERP, I intervened as an expert for the implementation of the costing module. The difficulty of the costing results from the multitude of production processes involved in the fragmentation of a single raw material.

    Main Tasks and Responsibilities :
    • Implementation of a costing solution, followed by company-specific developments, parameter setting, and the solution deployment.
    • Setting Business Objects Universe for the follow-up of production stocks and implementation of dashboards for the controlling department.
    • Participation in the improvement of the Qualiac ERP in connection with the editor for the development of a reliable and marketable solution for the customers of Qualiac ERP.

    IDEX :Involve in the definition of dashboards for the board of directors, to improve the reliability of the quantitative figures for shareholders with the purpose of improving the decision making process during the monthly reporting.

    Main Tasks and Responsibilities :
    • Follow-up of the deployments,
    • Maintenance of the system,
    • Evolution of the solutions reporting,
    • Training
  • This short terms project was aimed at setting up group reporting which passed from J+15 to J+5; it was thus necessary to industrialize the methods of work and to improve tools.

    Main Tasks and Responsibilities :
    • Assistance with the ERP
    • Development tools of decision-making (Cognos Powerplay, Impromptu) ·
    • Preservation of the information system
    • Accounting and financial Analyses

Product Manager

January 2004 to 2005
  • I carried out two projects for Qualiac during this period: a localization of the ERP for Italy (3 months) involving financial modules, and the second project's objective was to show the efficiency of the decision-making tools of the QUALIAC ERP. It was a question of supplying convincing elements for fronts-sales and improving the existing decisionmaking modules.

    Main Tasks and Responsibilities :

    • Work on the decision-making tools (BO, Cognos) and ETL tools
    • Creation of a specific database decision-making, for the use of BO, Cognos tools (generation of cube, creation of specific cube finances, creation of universe and catalog).
    • Creation of data and financial report for use as fronts-sales.


Digital Marketing

Université de l'Illinois à Urbana-Champaign
June 2015 to December 2015

When you complete the Digital Marketing Specialization you will have an understanding of the continually shifting consumer mindset and how to use varying digital platforms to reach different customer groups. You will understand strategic marketing concepts and the tools required to make informed decisions and set the direction for your company, business unit, department, or product line in a digital ecosystem. Additionally, the Digital Marketing Specialization is an offering of the University of Illinois iMBA - a high-quality and affordable program from the University of Illinois, built on Coursera Specializations. If you decide to apply, your success in Digital Marketing (and other iMBA Specializations on Coursera), will be considered as a factor in admission.

Google Tag Manager fundamentals

Google Analytics Academy
July 2015

In this self-paced course, you’ll learn how Google Tag Manager can simplify the tag implementation and management process for marketers, analysts, and developers.

Two Speed IT: How Companies Can Surf the Digital Wave, a BCG Perspective

Centrale & SupElec Paris
March 2015 to May 2015

Transform or disappear, the Darwinism of IT: In order to adapt to a digital world, a two-speed IT is needed.
Despite the importance of IT in today’s digital world, Chief Information Officers (CIOs) often struggle to get their voices heard by executive committees.
Faced with this challenge, IT departments are being forced to reinvent themselves to adapt their companies to the fast paced evolution of technology. The Boston Consulting Group has developed a business approach that allows IT to shed off its appearance of a heavy cost center and to adopt a new, more realistic persona as a quality service provider, partnering with users and the management.
Would you be a professional, a student in engineering, a student in a business schools or would you just be interested in digital transformation and its implications on IT, Learn with three BCG experts why and how to manage an IT department as a business in order to transform a company and adapt it to a digital world.

Certificat https://www.coursera.org/account/accomplishments/records/62M3QA32DD32

Mastère Net-Management

Ecole supérieure de Commerce de Clermont-Ferrand
September 2003 to September 2005

Formation permettant d'acquérir une double compétence technique (réseau, infrastructure, server, base de données, ...) et métier (finance, achats, ventes,...)

Maitrise Science de gestion

Wilfrid Laurier University
September 2002 to 2003

En échange au Canada dans une Université Anglophone

Licence Science de Gestion

IUP Management de Saint-Etienne
September 2000 to 2003

2-year University Sport management

Univsersity Saint-Etienne - Jean Monnet
September 1998 to June 2000

- Specialized in Sport Management
- Major Sport : Basket-Ball
- Real passion for Olympic Games as well as the Olympism spirit
Favorite quote : The important thing in Life is not triumph, but the struggle; the essential thing is not to have conquered but to have fought well


  • Success
  • business oriented
  • Customer Relations
  • Service oriented
  • Pre-sales
  • Business Analysis / Change Analysis
  • Follow-up / Change Support
  • Steering Change
  • Training program
  • Leadership
  • Off-shore and Near Shore contract development
  • Drive international outsource projet
  • Team management (up to 25)
  • Datacenter
  • ERP
  • BI
  • Qualiac
  • Cognos TM1
  • SAP BO
  • Leading IT governance
  • Budget Planning
  • Managing Project portofolio
  • Secured IS/IT Project
  • Co-Creation
  • Innovation
  • Networking
    Campagne marketing Linkedin
  • Analytics
    Google analytics, Google Tag manager, Google AdWords, Google webmaster tools
  • Présentation
    Explee, Moovly, Prezi
  • Emailing Campaign
    Simplycast, MailChimp, send in blue
  • French: mother tongue
  • English


  • The elite sport: Having studied sports management. Today, sports intrinsec qualities are essential to business as resilience, the taste of the effort, self-improvement, it is essential to stay in the race leaders. Other qualities such as teamwork, respect for rules, usability needed in adversity are present in sport and in business. Personally, after a period where it was necessary to take a step back with respect to the sport, I'm starting again challenge with pride and success as the crossing of the Annecy lake swim, the Urban trail by nigth Lyon, the City of Saint-Etienne trail or the 10km from Lyon and maybe a triathlon in 2015.